Treasure Trove Guitars & Basses

Small price, big sound!

Here you will find already unpacked guitars & basses or showroom instruments from our store, which have been drastically reduced in price. All instruments are checked by us for full functionality and are therefore technically flawless. Although they may have slight optical defects and/or the original packaging has been damaged or replaced, you do not have to worry about restrictions regarding return or warranty.

Best of Treasure Trove Guitars & Basses

JustMusic's Guitar & Bass Treasure Trove

Fact is: when you start playing guitar or bass, there is a high probability that you will buy a second instrument. Exhibition pieces and B-goods play a major role here. Besides an attractive price, guitars and basses that have already been played are in no way inferior to their siblings that are still in their original packaging. In addition, every played instrument tells a story and has a mystical aura. Who played the bass before me? What did the person before me feel when he or she picked up this acoustic guitar for the first time? We recommend: have courage for the exhibit.