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Everything up to 50% off.

Our treasure trove contains items from our showroom or from returns that we have radically reduced. These items have been tested by us for full functionality and are technically flawless. They may have slight visual defects and/or the original packaging may have been damaged or replaced. But don't worry: there are no restrictions regarding returns or guarantee.

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The JustMusic Treasure Trove

The place where real bargains are still to be found: The JustMusic treasure trove. You want to find the instrument of your dreams and save up to 50% of the original price? Then you've come to the right place. In our treasure trove you will discover constantly changing offers. These are individual items from the exhibition or from returns. All items are technically flawless and come with the full guarantee.

What exactly is a B or C good at JustMusic and how are they created?

Items offered by us as B-goods may have slight visual defects, but are usually in as-new condition. The original packaging may be missing or damaged and the accessories included in the scope of delivery are complete or replaced to an equivalent value.

In most cases, B-goods are the result of customer returns. This means that these items have already been unpacked and, if necessary, tried out. However, B-goods also arise if, for example, only the outer original packaging was damaged on delivery by the supplier or had to be opened.

Items that are offered by us as C goods usually show heavy signs of use or optical damage. The original packaging may be missing or damaged. The accessories included in the scope of delivery may be incomplete, but this does not affect the actual functionality of the goods.

B and C goods are tested by us for full functionality and sold as technically flawless.

What exactly is a display item at JustMusic?

Items that are offered as display items are or were in the exhibition in our shop in Berlin, Moritzplatz. They are used for demonstration and in consultations, or are unpacked and in display cases.

Display items are offered in mint condition with complete accessories, only the original packaging may be damaged or missing. Exhibitors are also tested by us for full functionality and sold as technically flawless.

Do I have any disadvantages when buying a B-goods, C-goods or display item?

No, because you also enjoy the 14-day right of withdrawal and the legal warranty.

With a purchase in our treasure trove, you are not only doing something good for your wallet, but also for our environment. You help to save limited resources and avoid unnecessary waste. Disposing of returned items generally contradicts our understanding of sustainability and an ecologically responsible product cycle, which is why we would like to give these items a second chance here.