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Relaxed payment in instalments

Immediate - Flexible - Transparent. With hire purchase by easyCredit, you benefit in several ways from convenient and fair instalment payments. Without any hidden costs, fees or annoying paperwork. Simply select ratenkauf by easyCredit during the payment process and pay the first instalment after 30 days at the earliest.

If you want to repay more quickly later or take a payment break - this is also very easy and flexible.

hire purchase by easyCredit at a glance

  • Order values: €200 - €10,000
  • Minimum rate: €20
  • Terms: 2 - 60 months
  • PostIdent: Not necessary! All the necessary information is recorded directly online when the order is placed.
  • Repayment: First you receive your order and then you can decide at your leisure. You pay the first instalment 30 days after delivery at the earliest. You will receive your detailed instalment plan by email.
  • Early repayments and payment breaks are possible free of charge.

It's that simple

Rely on a strong partner:

hire purchase by easyCredit is a product of TeamBank AG, Beuthener Straße 25, 90471 Nürnberg, With its easyCredit product family, TeamBank AG is the centre of competence for modern liquidity management in the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken Cooperative Financial Network. By providing and networking innovative products and services, customers have access to liquidity easily, anywhere and at any time.

FAQ – hire purchase by easyCredit

What is hire purchase by easyCredit?

With the hire purchase by easyCredit, you have the option of paying conveniently and easily by instalments. You decide how much you want to pay and thus enjoy the greatest flexibility in realising your wishes.

Who can take out the hire purchase by easyCredit?

If you are a resident of Germany and have a regular monthly income, TeamBank will be happy to review your individual request.

Which documents are necessary for the order?

You will receive the decision as to whether a hire purchase by easyCredit is possible immediately during the ordering process. A downstream check is no longer necessary, so you do not have to submit any documents.

What financing amounts are possible with hire purchase by easyCredit?

You can make purchases between €200 and €10,000 conveniently and easily with hire purchase by easyCredit.

What terms are offered?

Terms of between 2 and 60 months are possible.

What collateral is necessary?

Collateral does not have to be provided.

When are the monthly instalments debited?

The first instalment is collected at the earliest 30 days after conclusion. The collection date is automatically set to the 1st of the month. Changes to the 15th of a month are possible during the term in your easyCredit customer portal.

Are unscheduled repayments possible during the term?

Special repayments are possible at any time free of charge. Special payments automatically reduce the monthly instalment. Please note that you cannot pay less than the minimum instalment of 20.00 euros.

Does the rejection of my financing request affect further orders?

No, your product request will always be examined individually, so that a later decision can definitely be positive.

Does the PostIdent procedure have to be carried out?

No, the PostIdent procedure is not necessary.

Can I adjust my instalment plan during the term?

If financial bottlenecks occur during the term of the loan, you have the option of suspending or permanently reducing the instalment. Simply visit your easyCredit customer portal and make the desired adjustment yourself.

What is the easyCredit customer portal?

When you pay with hire purchase by easyCredit, you automatically receive the access data to your personal easyCredit customer portal. Here you can manage your hire purchase, make changes to your personal data, place orders or execute them yourself. This online portal also serves as your personal mailbox, where all relevant documents relating to your hire purchase are stored and can be viewed at any time.