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Whether digital with CDJs or analogue with records - we have everything for DJs!

Our treasure trove for DJ equipment offers you the best deals on already unpacked goods or display items from our store on Moritzplatz in Berlin. All products you find here are checked by us to ensure they are fully functional. They may have slight visual defects and/or the original packaging may be damaged. Nevertheless, a purchase without risk - of course, the statutory right of cancellation also applies to our treasure trove items.

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JustMusic's DJ Treasure Trove

Turntables or CDJs? Opinions differ on this essential DJ question. While the retro charm of records has led to an increase in turntable sales in recent years, the advantages of DJ controllers are clear. Armed with a USB stick, you can DJ virtually anywhere and don't have to fuss with your record case. But then again, picking out the right tracks for your set and sorting your records in the carrying case is a wonderful ritual. In the end, only one thing matters: what do you feel like doing and how much fun do you have? We'll help you choose and, above all, save money - in our DJ equipment treasure trove.