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Shadow SH 945 NFX

Pickup for violin
Nanoflex pickups do not only pick up the vibrations of the strings like conventional lower bridge pickups. Nanoflex captures the string vibrations AND the vibrations of the instrument body simultaneously. As a result, Nanoflex pickups produce a sound image similar to that of a microphone-bridge pickup combination. No other pickup technology achieves such a high level of amplified reproduction of the original sound of acoustic instruments. Due to the active amplification directly at the pickup and a 100% shielding of the entire system, Nanoflex pickups are absolutely free of hum and noise. Because of these features, the SH 945 NFX is used by the world's most talented violinists. The volume and tone control unit is mounted on the violin like the chinrest.
  • Authentic sound reproduction thanks to Nanoflex technology
  • 100% noise and hum free
  • Easy installation without having to drill and/or mill holes on the instrument
  • Preamp with volume and tone controls
  • Low power consumption
  • Dimensions Preamp: Length: 6 cm, Width: 3.8 cm, Height: 3 cm

Technical data
  • 6.3 mm jack socket
  • 3V cell battery
Technical data


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