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Vienna Symphonic ...

Vienna Symphonic ... VSL Woodwinds II Full Library

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This collection contains all instruments that are necessary for the realisation of large orchestras. Two completely new instruments are also represented here - a small part of the samples was already included in the Horizon Series French Oboe: the English horn and the small clarinet in E-flat.The Full Library contains more playing styles than the Standard Library. A Vienna or Synchrosft eLicencer dongle is required to use the Vienna Instruments!
  • Piccolo flute
  • Flute 2
  • Alto flute
  • Viennese oboe
  • English horn 1
  • English horn 2
  • Small clarinet in Eb
  • Bass clarinet
  • Contrabassoon
  • Interval performances: Legato, Marcato; fast and slow
  • Repetition performances: legato, portato, staccato; crescendo & diminuendo
  • Viennese oboe - performance-repetition upbeats
  • Performance trills
  • Prepetition note performances: minor second to octave, up and down
  • Octave runs: major, minor, chromatic, whole tone; up and down
  • Piccolo, flutes - Arpeggios: major, minor, diminished triads; legato & staccato; medium speed and slow
  • Piccolo, Viennese oboe - Mordente: legato & staccato, 12 variations
  • Short notes: Staccato, short portato, long portato
  • Long notes: Held notes (sustains) with different approaches and vibratos
  • Dynamics: crescendo & diminuendo with different note lengths; fp, sfz, sffz, pfp
  • Trills: semitone, whole tone; crescendo & diminuendo
  • Flat tongue
  • Contrabassoon - effect techniques
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Vienna Symphonic ... VSL Woodwinds II Full Library

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