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Vienna Symphonic ...

Vienna Symphonic ... VSL Woodwinds I Standard

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The oboe is the French oboe from the Horizon Series library of the same name and therefore also offers playing styles with vibrato. Compared to the previous Pro Edition and Horizon Series libraries, the Vienna Instruments Woodwinds I contain a variety of new playing styles: Both the solo instruments and the ensembles now offer fast interval performances in legato and marcato playing styles, marcato interval performances in "normal" tempo as well as performance trills. Among the solo instruments, the flute and clarinet arpeggios (major, minor and diminished triads in legato and staccato playing), the solo flute's mordente and the French oboe's flutter tongue stand out. The optionally available Extended Edition is an extension to the Standard Edition (more playing styles, extended sample content). A Vienna Dongle is required to operate the Vienna Instruments! (Syncrosoft compatible)
  • Flute 1
  • French oboe
  • Clarinet
  • Bassoon
  • Flute ensemble (3 musicians)
  • Oboe ensemble (3 musicians)
  • Clarinet ensemble (3 musicians)
  • Bassoon ensemble (3 musicians)
  • Interval performances: Legato, Marcato; fast & slow
  • Repetition performances: legato, portato, staccato; crescendo & diminuendo
  • Flute 1, clarinet - performance repetitions upbeats
  • Performance trills
  • Solo instruments - suggestion performances: minor second to octave, up and down
  • Solo instruments - octave runs: major, minor, chromatic, whole tone; up and down
  • Flute 1, Clarinet - Arpeggios: Major, minor, diminished triads; legato & staccato; medium speed and fast
  • Flute 1 - Mordente: legato & staccato, 12 variations
  • Clarinet - Glissandi
  • Short notes: Staccato, short portato, long portato
  • Long notes: Held notes (sustains) with different approaches and vibratos
  • Dynamics: crescendo & diminuendo with different note lengths; fp, sfz, sffz, pfp
  • Trills: semitone, whole tone; crescendo & diminuendo
  • Solo instruments - Flutter reeds
  • Ensembles - Held 3-note clusters
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Vienna Symphonic ... VSL Woodwinds I Standard

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