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Vienna Symphonic ...

Vienna Symphonic ... VSL Vienna Dimension Strings I

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  • Four string groups of 8 violins, 6 violas, 6 cellos and 4 double basses
  • Recorded in groups, with each musician individually miked for unlimited individual access and flexibility.
  • Each string was recorded in its full range (one octave plus fifth).
  • Over 300,000 violin samples up to one million samples for all four groups!
  • Three different sustains: With or without vibrato (fully controllable via crossfades!) as well as espressivo vibrato (increasing vibrato up to maximum intensity).
  • Legato Performances, Portamento Performances, Trill Performances (legato, marcato), Repetition Performances (legato, portato, staccato, spiccato, different crescendi).
  • Various tremolo variations: Normal, with fast start as well as in very slow tempo.
  • Pizzicato, Bartok pizzicato and col legno.
  • Rough articulations (Harsh): Short, extremely forced fortissimo sounds as loudest velocity layers in all Repetition Performances of staccato, portato and spiccato playing techniques.
  • Finger sounds separately recorded finger and slide noises on the fretboard without bow create an even more realistic sound impression in combination with single note samples.
  • Various ambient sounds such as breathing, putting on/down the instrument, armchair noises when leaning forward and backward as well as turning pages (in three dynamic levels!).
  • The Standard Library contains basic playing styles: Staccato, short dtach, sustain (with vibrato), fortepiano, sforzato, tremolo (normal, sforzato), pizzicato, legato and portamento performances, repetition performances (legato, portato, staccato, harsh), finger noises on the fingerboard, ambient noises (putting on/down the instrument, chair noises, turning the pages, etc.).The Extended Library contains additional playing styles: Sustain (without vibrato, with progressive vibrato), slow tremolo, long dtach, crescendo/diminuendo, snap pizzicato, col legno, artificial harmonics, legato and portamento performances (without and with expressive vibrato), glissando and trill performances (legato, marcato), fast crescendo repetitions in 6 speeds (140 200 BPM).
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