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This collection contains the instruments for large instrumentations, i.e. the "Wagner orchestral wind instruments". Based on Wagner's "Ring", there are bass trumpet, contrabass trombone, Wagner tuba and contrabass tuba, all in the usual single-note and performance playing styles such as interval performances, repetitions, performance trills, etc. As an alternative to the Viennese horn, Brass II also includes a new solo horn: the triple horn, Yamaha's master instrument in F/B/high F, recorded down to the lowest register (A1). There is also the piccolo trumpet, the cimbasso from the Pro Edition and, of course, the famous "Epic Horns" from the Horizon Series - that massive body of sound made up of 8 double horns which, in epic Cinemascope width, impressively fulfils the sound ideal of both the oversized, late Romantic orchestra and the Hollywood orchestra.
  • Piccolo trumpet
  • Bass trumpet
  • Triple horn
  • Horn ensemble (8 musicians) / Epic Horns 649
  • Bass trombone
  • Contrabass trombone
  • Contrabass tuba
  • Wagna tuba
  • Cimbasso
  • Interval performances: Legato, Marcato; slow & fast
  • Repetition Performances: legato, portato, staccato; crescendo & diminuendo
  • Performance Repetition Ups: slow, medium, fast
  • Performance Trills
  • Solo Instrument - Suggested Note Performances: minor and major second, up and down
  • Single Notes:
  • Short Notes: Staccato and portato with different approaches and note lengths
  • Long notes: Held notes (sustains) with different approaches and vibratos
  • Horns: Smashed sustains
  • Dynamics: Crescendo & diminuendo with different note lengths and vibratos; fp, sfz, sffz, pfp
  • Solo instruments - Trills: semitone, whole tone; crescendo & diminuendo
  • Flat reed: normal and crescendo variations
  • The Full Edition is an expansion with more playing styles and significantly expanded sample content. It can only be installed if you already own the Standard Edition!
  • A Vienna Dongle is required to operate the Vienna Instruments! (Syncrosoft compatible)
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