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Vienna Symphonic ...

Vienna Symphonic ... VSL Synchron Percussion I Full Library

Percussion library
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This new percussion collection marks the beginning of a new era for the Vienna Symphonic Library. Synchron Percussion I was recorded in Stage A, the large hall of the Synchron Stage Vienna. Every detail was taken into account and captured with an elaborate, phase-controlled multi-microphone setup in order to bring the sound character of these high-quality and multi-faceted percussion instruments and their natural surround sound into your studio in the best possible way.Each instrument was recorded with 12 microphones. In addition to close mics and mid-layer mics, the natural room sound of Stage A was recorded with a Decca Tree; further microphone settings allow 5.1 and even Auro 3D playback in 9.1. You can choose between four different microphone positions (Standard Library) or seven different microphone positions (Full Library) and mix them as you wish. The included presets of balanced microphone mixes serve as the perfect starting point for your own creations.
  • 16 orchestral percussion instruments from Synchron Stage Vienna
  • Recorded in the 540 sqm Stage A of Synchron Stage Vienna
  • Over 475,000 samples (Full Library)
  • 427 GB of installed sound data
  • Up to 100 hours of recording time per instrument group
  • Excellent sound quality with 1.6 to 1.8 sec. natural reverb
  • All instruments recorded with 12 microphones (Full Library) or 6 microphones (Standard Library)
  • 3D sound (Full Library) - mix in stereo, 5.1 Surround, Auro 3D or Dolby Atmos
  • Up to 128 samples per pitch and beat
  • Unique new release sample technology for crescendo and diminuendo swirls
  • New: Performance Interval Rolls - play swirled legato lines on timpani up to a fifth
  • Extra low tunings on bass drum - for high-energy bass response when interacting with the room
  • Many effect playing modes for sound design - a treasure trove of novel sounds
  • Includes. free Vienna Ensemble mixing host and Vienna Instruments player (fully compatible with Vienna Ensemble Pro and Vienna Instruments Pro)
  • Contains presets with balanced microphone mixes for the Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments Pro players, as well as for the Vienna Ensemble and Vienna Ensemble Pro mixing hosts
  • Full Library = Stereo & Multi Library Download (7 microphone positions for mixing in stereo, 5.1 surround as well as Auro 3D 9.1 and also for down mixes to stereo)
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Vienna Symphonic ... VSL Synchron Percussion I Full Library

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