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Vienna Symphonic ...

Vienna Symphonic ... VSL Chamber Strings I Standard

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The Vienna Instrument contains all the playing styles of the Horizon Series Edition as well as a multitude of new performances and articulations: "Zigane" portamentos, playing styles with coarse attacks, harmonics, Marcato performances, new repetitions and much more are the reason why the Vienna Instrument contains almost twice as many samples as the Chamber Strings of the Horizon Series.A Vienna Dongle is required to operate the Vienna Instruments! (Syncrosoft compatible) The optionally available Extended Edition is an extension to the Standard Edition (more playing styles, extended sample content).
  • Violin Ensemble (6 musicians)
  • Viola Ensemble (4 musicians)
  • Violoncello Ensemble (3 musicians)
  • Contrabass Ensemble (2 musicians)
  • Interval Performances: Legato, Portamento, Zigane, Dtach, Marcato, Spiccato,Performance-Trill
  • Repetition-Performances: Legato, Portato, Staccato, Spiccato, "harsh" (coarse stroke)
  • Suggested notes: Normal, Zigane
  • Short notes: Short staccato, long staccato, short dtach, long dtach, 4 variations of each
  • Long notes: Held notes (sustains) with and without vibrato, espressivo
  • Dynamics: Various crescendi & diminuendi, with and without vibrato; fp, sfz, sffz
  • Hold tremoli
  • Trills: Normal and baroque trills, semitone and whole tone, crescendo & diminuendo
  • Pizzicati: normal and baroque pizzicati
  • Natural harmonics: sustains, glissandi
  • Artificial harmonics: staccato, sustains, repetitions
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Vienna Symphonic ... VSL Chamber Strings I Standard

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