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Sugar Bytes Guitarist Lizenzcode

Virtual Guitar
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  • Pattern Sequencer
  • On 16 steps, you can determine per step whether a strum is triggered, which strings are triggered and whether the strum is executed upwards or downwards. The playing style (normal, dead, damped) is determined, the strum speed can be reduced or a double beat can be executed. Slides, vibratos or portamentos can be inserted and sounding strings can be stopped at any time.
  • Chord Sequencer
  • On 16 steps, factory chords or self-created chords can be selected. The special feature of the chord sequencer is that each step can be repeated up to 16 times. This allows for longer lasting chord sequences and allows the chord to be changed at any time, which also allows for e.g. advanced or held chords.
  • Animation
  • A very special feature of the guitarist is the animation sequencer. One sequencer is available per string, allowing individual fingers to be moved up and down by up to 3 notes. This makes it possible to realise runs and alternations in the playing, which provide an incredible liveliness.
  • Song
  • On 16 steps, the available 24 patterns can be combined to songs or more complex riffs. Since each step of the song sequencer can be repeated up to 16 times, complex song structures and pattern changes are also possible at odd times.
  • Action Section
  • Here action is offered, 8 effects with which you can intervene in the sequence at the touch of a button.
  • Timestretcher, Looper, Halftime, Restart, Slowdown are available, but also interventions in the playing style, such as setting all notes to Dead or Damped or simply stopping the play.
  • Amp
  • Two wonderfully warm-sounding amplifiers are available, for the use of further amplifier software, the DI direct output can also be selected.
  • Effects
  • Two effect units with a total of 10 effects offer a nice palette of good sounds, in addition there is the wahwah pedal, which also offers a talk mode and can work as a volume pedal or tremolo.
  • Guitar
  • Each finger on the fretboard shows its note name, which makes it easy to identify chords and build them yourself. Strings can also be removed. 24 user chords can be stored on the keyboard,
  • Keyboard
  • Here the 24 user chords and the 24 patterns are stored and called up for editing and playback.
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Sugar Bytes Guitarist Lizenzcode

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