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Rickenbacker Guitar Plug In
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MusicLab RealRick is a virtual sample-based instrument that recreates the sound of the legendary 60s Rickenbacker guitar in different variations.
  • New: Performance layouts combine multiple playing techniques in one patch
  • New: Velocity controls number of strings struck in strummed chords
  • New: Hammer-ons and pull-offs in chords
  • New: Bottleneck simulation
  • New: Live control over chord inversions and solo/strumming playing techniques
  • Multi-channel Layering Technology allows for a custom library of special samples where each fret of each string has been individually recorded and processed
  • A unique Floating Fret Position Technology that perfectly simulates the change of fret position of the guitarist's hand on the guitar neck. This allows you to play up to 140 guitar frets on just 46 keyboard keys
  • Guitar Touch Technology lets you easily emulate all of the guitarist's basic techniques (strumming, plucking, sliding, bending, muting, etc.) by using a standard keyboard key.) using a standard keyboard and standard MIDI controllers such as pitch bender, modulation wheel, sustain pedal or aftertouch
  • Sound Humanize Technology prevents the machine gun effect on note repetitions such as tremolo, scrubbing or plucking etc.
  • RealRick is equipped with a massive pattern manager containing the complete MusicLab Guitar Pattern Library to easily create guitar accompaniments and rhythm tracks. All you need to do is select the appropriate rhythm patterns in the Pattern Manager Tree view, copy them into the required number of bars, launch your sequencer and use your keyboard to play the desired chord progressions. Alternatively, you can of course enter them using the sequencer's editor.
  • The unique Struminator technology allows the use of external MIDI controllers (standard: Guitar Hero Game Controller by Activision Inc.) and thus the creation of authentic guitar accompaniments in the simplest way.

Guitar models
  • 6-String: Mono
  • 12-String A: Mono, 3rd pair of strings tuned in octave
  • 12-String B: Mono, 3rd pair of strings tuned in unison
  • . String A and B: (Stereo/Mono)
  • 12-String A and B: (Stereo/Double-tracked)
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