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Band-in-a-Box is the programme used worldwide by musicians of all styles to compose and arrange. With impressive automatic accompaniment features, you can create professional-sounding arrangements in minutes. Written by musicians for musicians, the arrangements always sound like real musicians, never rigid or computerised. This is the key to Band-in-a-Box's popularity for live performances, audio productions, as a learning and practice tool, or just for the fun of jamming for hours with a top class live band.
  • RealTracks - real instruments recorded by professional musicians. The sound is absolutely realistic.
  • Video RealTracks, work like RealTracks but contain videos über the performance of the musician.
  • RealDrums - real drums, recorded by professional drummers and dramatically better than äolder MIDI drum tracks.
  • Band-in-a-Box® DAW Plugin -
  • Performance Tracks - professionals play the melody to RealTracks
  • Melodist - automatically create complete songs from scratch - including chords, melodies, intro and even a song title!
  • Soloist - intelligent functions to create äu erst musical sounding solos.
  • Audio Chord Wizard - analyses audio recordings and ütransfer the chords to the Band-in-a-Box chord display.
  • Audio-Harmonies - creates whole chords with up to 16 voices in no time.
  • MedleyMaker - perfect medleys with beautiful transitions to the new key, style and tempo.
  • StyleMaker - create and edit styles yourself.
  • MIDI SuperTracks - MIDI tracks played by top studio musicians
  • Performance Tracks - professional artists demonstrate the possibilities of RealTracks
  • VST synthesizer (sforzando SFZ Synth) with support for the popular .SFZ sound format and PG Music?s Hi-Q Sounds
  • DirectX audio effects bring well-known standard effects to your Band-in-a-Box recordings.
  • MultiStyles - create up to 24 substyles in one song
  • Melody recording with internal sequencer/per single step
  • View/edit music in piano roll display or as notation
  • Compositions can be printed out - complete with notes, chords, lyrics and playing labels.
  • Save compositions as graphic files for publication on the internet
  • Fullscreen song lyrics window allows copy/paste of lyrics from writing programs
  • Melody harmonisation or real-time harmonisation of melodies played on the keyboard
  • Direct rendering function to create audio files or CDs of your songs
  • 'Conductor' function for controlling band-in-a-box during live performance or jam sessions
  • Supports ASIO sound cards
  • VST interface for integrating VST instruments
  • 'Scales Wizard', generates scales for any chord progression - ideal for Üben
  • SoundCloud and DropBox support - so you can share your songs easily;Easily share your songs on the internet
  • Includes RealBand - sequencer, arranger, composer program
  • Many AddOns with new songs, styles, soloists, melodists, RealTracks, RealDrums or harmonies available

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Delivered as an online download. Includes Band-in-a-Box® 2021, RealBand 2021, Pro RealCombos (üover 500 RealTracks instruments in üover 200 bands), 54 MIDI SuperTracks, üover 750 MIDI styles, üover 150 MIDI soloists, üover 100 MIDI melodists, 22 Artist Performances, üover 1,000 loops. Free bonus PAK. Manual.

The licence code is delivered by email, usually on the same or the following working day. An internet connection is required to download the purchased item from the manufacturer's website.
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