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Plug-in for EZBass
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The elegant sound character reminiscent of classical string instruments, the possibility of buttery glissandi, the full, long and pronounced decay, as well as the general impressive expressiveness of the tone leave no doubt that this is not a traditional "normal" bass. Even a gentle vibrato or even playing a single note impressively proves this. For the Fretless EBX, a very special bass was sampled in extreme detail and with the greatest effort in order to reproduce the described distinctive sound characteristics in the best possible way. In addition to the sample library, the EBX also contains many pre-produced sound presets as well as a large selection of useful and common MIDI basslines for playing the fretless bass.

This EBX extension requires an installed and running EZbass and integrates with sounds and MIDI automatically into the existing EZbass player.
  • Soundlibrary extension for EZbass
  • A carefully and detailed sampled high-end fretless bass
  • Fingerpicked sample
  • Especially suitable for genres where the bass takes a dominant (solo) role
  • Contains a wide range of sound presets for a wide variety of fretless sounds - warm, mellow and round to high-end bright/transparent and distorted
  • Includes a "Clean DI" preset for optimal sound control in all playing techniques and positions
  • Includes an extensive internal MIDI library with countless genre-typical bass patterns inspired by many different styles
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