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PPV Guitar Service Manual - Michael "Doc" Schneider

Reference book guitar
This is the ultimate guide for anyone who wants to adjust, maintain, modify or repair their guitar themselves. The guitar maker Michael "Doc" Schneider first offers the complete basic knowledge üabout all guitar components. The reader not only learns about the different versions of pickups, jacks, tuners, bridges, etc., but also about the influence of each component on the sound and playability. Equipped with this knowledge, every guitarist can judge for himself which modifications make sense for his guitar.The detailed and richly illustrated service and repair instructions enable anyone with a little manual skill to carry out adjustments, repairs and conversions himself. In this way, every guitarist can optimally adapt his instrument to his playing technique and sound ideas.
  • Author: Michael "Doc" Schneider
  • Pages: 272

  • How to adapt your guitar to your needs
  • How to make repairs to your guitar yourself
  • How to maintain your guitar
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