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Schott Verlag Spielbuch 1 - Querflöte spielen mein schönstes Hobby

Sheet Music for Flute
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The playbook for the flute school contains both the piano part of the pieces for flute and piano contained in the school as well as a number of additional interesting and popular melodies, which are exactly adapted to the school in terms of range and difficulty.
  • Author: Cathrin Ambach
  • Series: Playing the flute - my most beautiful hobby
  • Pages: 72

  • Loeillet de Gant: Adagio
  • Purcell: Air
  • Schubert: Andante
  • Weber: Andante
  • Musicians' Procession
  • O'Neill: Bossa Nova
  • Tchaikovsky: Chanson triste
  • Tchaikovsky: Chant francais
  • Moser: The Village in the Mountains
  • Gretchaninoff: Der kleine Gernegroß
  • Schoenmehl: Dreaming of you
  • Escher: Easy Duet
  • First Duet
  • Attaingnant: Gaillarde
  • Lenehan: Gemstone
  • Grieg: Gjendine's Lullaby
  • Happy Birthday
  • Nykrin: Little Waltz
  • Londonderry Air
  • Boismortier: Minuet
  • Anonymous: Pavane
  • Gervaise: Pavane
  • Lenehan: Purity
  • Hotteterre: Round Dance
  • Beethoven: Romance
  • Handel: Sarabande
  • Reichardt: Shepherd's Lament
  • Diabelli: Scherzo
  • Zgraja: Start Boogie
  • Emonts: Tango
  • Praetorius: Dance
  • Both: Tiberias
  • O'Neill: Tongue Twister
  • Dream Song
  • Luck and Blessings
  • Zgraja: Walking Waltz
  • Bahms: Waltz
  • Schubert: Waltz
  • Lullaby
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