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Schott Verlag Developing Jazz Technique- John O'Neill

Sheet Music for Alto Saxophone
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"Developing Jazz Technique" / "Jazztechnik für Saxophon", the follow-up volume to our bestseller "Jazzmethode für Saxophon", is designed to help players of intermediate ability to take their jazz technique to a higher level. The 22 pieces are in a variety of jazz styles, including blues, swing, New Orleans, ragtime, jazz waltz, bossa nova, samba, salsa, calypso, reggae and South African.The main emphasis is placed on helping players improvise over chord progressions such as the sequence II-V-I. Special jazz effects such as vibrato, glissandi and "bending" are covered extensively, and one chapter is devoted entirely to harmonics. Furthermore, several new scales are introduced, including the whole tone scale and the diminished scale. One section focuses exclusively on scale patterns with many ideas for practising in all twelve root keys. A great rhythm section plays the backing tracks to all the pieces and exercises on the accompanying CD.
  • Author: John O'Neill
  • Pages: 88

  • Introduction
  • Audition
  • The Pieces: Improvising with modes and scales
  • Vibrato
  • Improvising to simple chord shapes
  • J.S. Bach as an example of developing a melody line
  • Special effects
  • More special effects
  • II-V-I in major and minor
  • More about the blues/transposing and melodic shifting
  • Overtones and "false fingerings"
  • Diminished scales and whole tone scales
  • 2/4 time: Ragtime and Samba
  • The Blues Part III and "Rhythm Changes"
  • Patterns
  • Standard Repertoire
  • Bibliography
  • Discography
  • Chord Symbols
  • Modes
  • Trill Fingerings
  • Notes
  • Directory of CD Tracks
  • Chord Progressions for the Pieces (Supplement)
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Schott Verlag Developing Jazz Technique- John O'Neill

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