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Schott Verlag Schule für die Sopranblockflöte 1 mit CD - Spiel und Spaß

Textbook for Soprano Recorder
After more than 20 years, it seemed sensible to update this tried and tested recorder school, e.g. by updating the photos and replacing and supplementing songs with more modern ones that are more in tune with the reality of pupils' lives today. At the same time, the authors consider it their duty to preserve traditional songs, so that the new edition is a mixture of old and new.
  • Authors: Gerhard Engel, Gudrun Heyens, Hans-Martin Linde, Knrad Hünteler and Christa Estenfeld-Kropp
  • Series: Play and have fun with the recorder
  • Pages: 84

  • Foreword
  • Posture
  • All beginnings are easy
  • From sound to tone
  • The dü-man
  • Long and short tones
  • The b
  • The a
  • Sound and sound games
  • The g and the treble clef
  • The bar (4/4, 3/4, 2/4)
  • The rests
  • The e
  • The upbeat
  • The c
  • The d
  • The whole note
  • The tie
  • The eighth note
  • The low d
  • The slur
  • The low c
  • The f
  • A scale from c to c
  • The triad
  • Joyful ending with canons
  • Directory of song pieces
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