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Schott Verlag Flötenzirkus Band 1

School for Soprano Recorder
Come in and welcome to the "flute circus". With this new recorder school, children from the age of five learn the first flute notes with ease. Over ninety songs with many texts around the themes of fairy tales, theatre and circus encourage children to have creative fun with music, play and dance. Among them are well-known children's songs from "Hänschen klein" to the "Pumuckl-Lied" as well as songs for the seasons and special occasions. Many funny pictures stimulate the imagination to colour in. Simple exercises familiarise the children with musical notation. The range of notes from c' to d'' is intentionally without accidentals and overblowing. The introduction of the tones follows didactic principles. The learning progress is made visible by reward points and "the big circus picture puzzle". The fold-out fingering chart makes it easier to memorise the fingering patterns. The school is suitable for both baroque and German fingering. The "Flute Circus" is also suitable for group lessons in primary school, kindergarten or early musical education.
  • Author: Rainer Butz and Hans Magolt
  • Pages: 80

  • Greeting
  • Your recorder
  • Blowing the flute
  • The "dü"-language
  • The call game, The notation
  • The quarter note and the half note
  • The name game
  • Stories from the Orient
  • The breath sign, We make music
  • The note a, Monkey luck
  • Fairytale forest, Mirror image
  • Crocodile dream, Kangaroo trick
  • The note h, Bunny magic
  • Rain song, Snake charmer
  • Greeting
  • The beat, Brave tamer
  • Poor juggler
  • Painting page
  • The note g, Giraffe problem
  • The second voice, Late
  • Late riser
  • The half pause, Good night song
  • Sailor's song
  • Santa's song
  • The two note and the four note
  • Artist
  • The three note, Night in the forest
  • The dotted half note, Fairy dance
  • The upbeat, The whale, On the trapeze
  • Knight and princess
  • Painting page
  • Dancing fingers
  • The high c, Caesar's song
  • Hide-and-seek, Snail in the house
  • Cat friend, Sunbeam
  • The artist
  • The acrobat, Circus poka
  • and many more.v.m.
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