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Acoustic Music Books KIDS Lagerfeuer Gitarre Band 1

School for guitar
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This textbook is ideally suited for use in music lessons in music schools. With the KIDS campfire guitar, the young guitarists learn step by step and with continuous build-up to accompany the most beautiful children's songs old familiar, but also current often only with two or three chords. You don't need sheet music, but play according to fingering patterns and chord symbols. Nevertheless, you will gradually learn the most important chords such as G, D, Am, A, E, Em, C as well as strumming and plucking patterns. The melodies are also presented in sheet music, so that singing together or playing together with other instruments is possible. The pieces, which are easy to play at the beginning, provide the necessary sense of achievement and the level of difficulty increases step by step.Prefer this textbook with a CD? Then order the AMB3140.
  • Pages: 115
  • Author: Martin Kuhnle
  • Series: Kids

  • All my little ducklings
  • All the birds are already here
  • On the wall, On the lookout
  • Brother Jacob
  • The cuckoo and the donkey
  • The lion sleeps tonight
  • The moon has risen
  • The monkeys are racing through the forest
  • Beebee Maja
  • The journey of the sun
  • The triols are funny
  • The bird wedding
  • A little man stands in the forest
  • A man who called himself Columbus
  • There is a dancing bi-Ba-Butzemann
  • Hab ne Aunt aus Morokko
  • Happy Birthday to You
  • and much more
  • .v.m.
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Acoustic Music Books KIDS Lagerfeuer Gitarre Band 1

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