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Schott Verlag Klarinette spielen mein schönstes Hobby 1

School for clarinet
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The clarinet school by Rudolf Mauz introduces students to learning the instrument in a motivating and easy-to-understand way. It was designed for young people and adults and is also suitable for self-study and re-entry. A balanced mix of pieces from classical, folk, pop and jazz to the beginnings of improvisation promises variety, diversity and fun while learning the instrument. Tried and tested exercises, sound practical tips and information about the instrument round off the concept. The enclosed CD contains the pieces as full version and playback. Suitable for the German fingering and the Boehm clarinet.
  • German and Boehm system
  • Author: Rudolf Mauz
  • Series: Playing the clarinet - my most beautiful hobby
  • Pages: 108

  • Foreword
  • Level 1: The parts of the clarinet and their function
  • The assembly of the clarinet
  • The posture of the body
  • The clarinet reed
  • How a tone is created
  • The Breathing
  • The tongue thrust
  • The end of the notes
  • After playing
  • Little notation
  • The first notes
  • Tuning the clarinet
  • Test no. 1
  • Level 2: The notes b and a
  • Playing the legato
  • The shouting g
  • The clarinet and its squeakers
  • The eighth note
  • Measure and metre
  • The dot behind a note
  • A word to practice
  • The upbeat
  • Finger exercises with three notes
  • Tuning in
  • Test no. 2
  • Level 3: The f'
  • Finger exercises with four notes
  • The g'
  • The most important tempo markings
  • The clarinet reed
  • Ternary playing
  • The f#'
  • The G majorscale and the triad
  • Some theory
  • We play canons
  • The resolution sign
  • The a'
  • The dotted quarter note
  • Christmas carols
  • Test no. 3
  • Level 4: Staccato playing
  • The syncopation
  • The musical breath
  • The low f
  • The most important dynamic designations
  • Loosening exercises
  • The accidental b
  • The note b
  • The F major scale and triad
  • The low e
  • Intonation
  • The b'
  • Test no. 4
  • Level 5: The E-flat'
  • The B-flat major scale and the triad
  • The C-sharp'
  • Klezmer music
  • The enharmonic confusion
  • The G-sharp/A-flat
  • The A-minor scale and the triad
  • Test no. 5
  • Taster course: The overblowing
  • Answers to the tests
  • Solutions to the writing exercises
  • Partwork chart for the German clarinet
  • Partwork chart for the Bohemian clarinet
  • Music mini-encyclopedia
  • Contents of the CD
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