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Transparent and honest.

Studio monitors are important tools. They are the lens through which you view your work, influencing almost every decision you make in the music production process. For this reason, monitoring monitors must sound particularly honest and transparent, which places high demands on the linearity of the frequency response, the impulse fidelity and the dispersion behaviour. Monitors come in different classes. Near-field monitors are designed for listening at short distances. This type can be found in every studio and is the first choice especially in the home studio. Other speakers, such as midfield and main monitors, are designed for monitoring at greater distances. Studio subwoofers extend the frequency response of your monitoring system to include the lowest bass frequencies. In our shop you will find a large selection of monitors from various manufacturers, including: Neumann, Focal, Genelec, Adam, KRK, Yamaha, JBL, Dynaudio, Avantone, Auratone and several more. You can also find accessories such as monitor controllers and stands.