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Vocal Processor as Pedal Board

The V6 is divided into three different effects sections and ergonomically arranged on two levels. This allows you to change your vocals as easily as if you were tapping your foot. The Voice section offers 12 voice effects from Unison to Octave Up / Down to Vocoder, as well as a Pitch Correct effect that is so popular in today's EDM sound. The Harmony section adds up to two backing vocals. With five Harmony selection options, the V6 intuitively creates the appropriate harmonic intervals based on the key you select. The effects section offers 10 popular studio effects, including classics like delay, chorus, and reverb, as well as modern effects like telephone and beatbox.

The V6 is the only vocal processor that uses an expression pedal to control and shift the formants of your voice in real time. The formant pedal can radically alter the vocal characteristics of any singer without changing pitch, providing an unprecedented level of creativity and expressiveness.

  • V6 offers over 10 studio-quality effects
  • Simultaneous use of up to three vocal processors from voice, harmony and effects sections
  • Includes highly directional SGV-6 shotgun microphone to isolate the voice from ambient noise
  • Formant shift pedal to change the formants of the voice in real time
  • Integrated looper for recordings up to 3:30 min
  • 40 presets produced by professional singers and sound engineers
  • 100 memory locations for storing user-created patches
  • Integrated compressor for optimizing the input signal
  • Integrated enhancer for optimizing individual frequencies of the input signal through equalization and de-essing
  • USB 2.0 audio interface for recording up to 16/24/32-bit, 44.1 kHz
  • USB port for firmware updates, power supply and audio recording
  • Line output for connection to external mixing consoles
  • Headphone output with dedicated volume control
  • 3.5 hours of operation with four AA batteries
  • Power supply included
  • Optional expression pedal available for more extensive control over various effect parameters
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