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Designed for maximum performance, the EuroDDL allows external control of all functions and features. During development, special emphasis was placed on making this effect sound less digital than conventional delay units. Eventide's traditional design means that digital circuitry is only used in the delay itself. Functions such as the soft saturation clipping, low-pass filter, feedback circuitry, insert loop path and +20 dB boost, on the other hand, are analogue throughout. Once you have heard it, you will realise that this is the ultimate and most musical Eurorack delay. For a true performance instrument, all functions of the Eurorack module must be externally remote controllable. For this purpose, the EuroDDL offers various sockets for feeding in control voltages and trigger impulses. In fact, it can be played like an instrument. And it does this job quite well in the rack with its return/send and clock in/clock out.
  • Eurorack delay with reduced digital circuits It creates simple yet flexible delays - nothing more, but nothing less.
  • The DDL is fantastic. Whether long or short delays (0.11 ms resolution) - it always sounds pleasant and is just as suitable for loops as for backwards effects.
  • The delay converter offers a dynamic resolution of 24 bits and a maximum delay of up to 10 seconds at a sampling rate of 192 kHz or of 160 seconds at a resolution of 16 kHz.
  • The delay time can optionally be varied manually, via the Tap Tempo function or via an injected control voltage continuously within a wide control range.
  • Short delay times are recommended for comb filter and flanger effects. Longer delay times are used to create echo effects.
  • Infinite delays are used for loops. Backwards delays can be used to create reverse effects.
  • Sampling rate: 192 to12 kHz
  • Resolution: 24 bit
  • Minimum delay: 0.11 milliseconds
  • Maximum delay: 10 seconds at 192 kHz / 160 seconds at 12 kHz
  • Input: Max. 20 dBu, 100 kOhm input impedance
  • Output: Max. 20 dBu, 22 kOhm output impedance
  • Insert send: Max. 16 dBu, 2 kOhm output impedance
  • Insert return: Max. 20 dBu, 50 kOhm input impedance
  • Power supply: +12 V 200 mA, -12 V 100 mA
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