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Solid State Logic

Analog stereo/dual bus compressor with digital control
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If one device is emblematic of SSL analog processing, it's the legendary Bus Compressor. Since it was first introduced in the SSL 4000B mixing console in 1976, it has refined the mixes of countless top productions worldwide.

With the new BUS+, SSL introduces the ultimate and most flexible Bus Compressor ever. To meet the high demands of professional analog audio performance, SSL uses high-quality parts and high-performance components such as the 2181 THAT VCAs. Based on the original circuitry, a device has been developed that not only offers different operating modes and extended timbres but also additional processing tools.

  • Authentic SSL Bus Compressor circuit with high performance 2181 THAT VCAs
  • 4 operating modes: Stereo, S/C Stereo, Dual Mono, Mid-Side
  • New attack and release options and more flexibility in detail settings
  • 3 specific compression characteristics for individual or combined use (4K - Single VCA with VHD, LOW THD with LF reduction, F/B mode)
  • Outstanding sound quality and fine-gridded potentiometers for precise settings
  • Integrated 2-band Dynamic EQ (D-EQ)
  • Transient Expander
  • Configurable processing (Compressor pre/post D-EQ)
  • External side chain inputs/outputs incl. HPF control up to 300Hz (in 10Hz steps)
  • Mix control for instant parallel compression
  • Dimensions: 19"/2U
  • Weight: 7 kg / 10 kg (without/with packaging)
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