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Heritage Audio HA73EQX2

2-channel microphone preamplifier with EQ
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The Heritage Audio ELITE series consists of affordable versions of the highly regarded 73JR and DMA73 hand-wired preamplifiers. Low additional manufacturing costs and modern mass production methods make it possible to offer this series of high-quality products without compromise at particularly moderate prices.The two-channel HA73EQX2 ELITE mic preamp with EQ is based on the legendary 1073 and adds vivid clarity and punch to any microphone or instrument. When the input is driven higher, the typical saturated sound familiar from classic mixing consoles is created. With up to 80 dB of gain, the HA73EQX2 is suitable for any type of microphone, from condenser to dynamic to ribbon. Carnhill's hand-wound input and output transformers add warmth, fullness and punch to any source, whether microphone, line or even DI instrument signal. The separate gain controls for the inputs and outputs offer the possibility of selectively colouring the signal through the transformers without overdriving the output stage. The DI circuitry is located before the transformer of the microphone input: this preserves the specific character of an input bass DI signal. The EQ section of the HA73EQX2 ELITE is based on the circuit of the classic 1073 and produces the same sound and the typical harmonic distortion. The 3-band design consists of an HF shelving section with a fixed cut-in frequency, a mid-band with a fixed filter quality and six selectable cut-in frequencies, and an LF shelving filter with four switchable frequencies. The high-pass filter with four selectable insert frequencies can be used to attenuate unwanted background noise in the bass range.
  • 2-channel mic preamp with EQ based on the 1073
  • Made to the same specifications as the acclaimed 73JR, 73EQJR and DMA73 models.
  • Hand-wound transformers by Carnhill of St. Ives, England.
  • Three-stage, fully discrete mic preamps with 80 dB of gain.
  • Line inputs via separate XLR jacks to add warmth and punch to already recorded tracks.
  • 20 dB PAD in mic input prevents input transformer overload if needed.
  • LO-Z switches the input impedance of the mic transformer from 1,200 to 300 ohms.
  • Extremely high-impedance, JFET-based DI inputs.
  • Fully discrete 3-band vintage EQs with classic-style inductors.
  • Hi-shelf filter at 12 kHz.
  • Mid-band switchable between six insert frequencies and OFF.
  • Lo-shelf filter switchable between four insert frequencies and OFF.
  • Coil-based high-pass filter switchable between four insert frequencies and OFF.
  • Rack format with 2 height units
  • External universal power supply for worldwide use
  • Made in Spain

Technical Data
  • High Frequency: +/-16 dB shelving EQ, 12 kHz, Baxandall characteristic
  • Low Frequency: +/-16 dB shelving EQ, 35 Hz, 60 Hz, 110 Hz, 220 Hz, Baxandall characteristic
  • Mid Frequency: +/-18 dB peak EQ, fixed filter quality, 0.36 kHz, 0.7 kHz, 1.6 kHz, 3.2 kHz, 4.8 kHz, 7.2 kHz, double induction principle
  • High-pass filter: slope 18 dB/octave, 50 Hz, 80 Hz, 160 Hz, 300 Hz, induction principle
  • Microphone input impedance: HI, min. 1,200 Ohm, LO, min. 300 Ohm, transformer-balanced
  • Impedance line input: 10 kOhm, transformer-balanced
  • Impedance DI input: > 2 Megaohm, unbalanced
  • Output impedance: < 75 Ohm, transformer-balanced
  • Output (max.): > +26 dBm at 600 ohms
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Pad: 20 dB
  • Gain (max.): > 80 dB (mic), 50 dB (line)
  • Power supply: 100 - 240 VAC (external universal power supply)
  • Dimensions: 19", 2 U
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Heritage Audio HA73EQX2

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