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Multitrack Recorder 16 tracks
The R16 is a digital multitrack recorder, audio interface and control unit/remote for almost all popular DAW software, giving you all the tools you need for studio-quality recording - anywhere. The R16 combines an amazing level of functionality with a highly intuitive design. For true recording applications, the R16 supports 32GB SDHC cards, allowing for over 6 hours of recording time using all 16 tracks. In addition, the use of SD cards as storage media not only makes the R16 lighter and more portable, but also ensures improved reliability as there is no hard drive crash. Furthermore, one SD card can be used per recording session, which makes archiving one's own recordings very manageable. With the ability to record 8 tracks at once, it is easy to record a live band or even a complete drum kit without overdubs. The R16 has a built-in stereo condenser microphone for field recording or for quickly recording ideas and band rehearsals, or for using the R16 as an audio notebook. Furthermore, the R16 offers 8 balanced XLR/6.3mm jack combo jacks along with a high impedance input to connect electric guitar or electric bass directly. USB operation as a control unit means that you can use the R16 to remotely control your favourite DAW software. This means that you can mix comfortably in your DAW software using the R16's operating aids. With over 100 studio-quality internal effects, you can then refine any mix and finally fnalise it with the internal mastering effects. Two R16s can also be connected and synchronised via USB, allowing you to record an incredible 16 tracks simultaneously. The new Zoom R16 is arguably the most versatile unit of its kind and once again marks a milestone in portable multitrackers, providing everything you need to create professional recordings in a single portable and network-independent unit.
  • Digital recorder with 16-track playback and simultaneous recording of 8 tracks to Secure Digital (SD) Card as memory
  • 24-bit/48KHz linear PCM recording in .wav format
  • Built-in stereo condenser microphone
  • Supports SDHC cards up to 32GB
  • Simultaneous recording of 8 channels
  • Battery operation is possible
  • ;USB power for studio use
  • 8 microphone inputs, 2 outputs (8 in 2)
  • 8 balanced XLR/6.3mm jack combo jacks
  • high-quality, high-res;24-bit/96KHz recording with DAW software possible
  • Built-in effects can also be used as outboard effects
  • High-impedance inputs for direct recording of guitar and bass
  • 2 mic preamps with 48V phantom power
  • Mackie Control emulation via USB for popular DAW software including Cubase, Logic, Digital Performer, etc. Cubase, Logic, Digital Performer and others.
  • incredible guitar amp and effect models
  • professional mastering effects, multi-band compressor, normalizer and more
  • works as USB storage device for fast data transfer
  • 2 Zoom R16 üUSB-couplable for synchronous operation and simultaneous recording of 16 tracks
  • ndo/redo functions
  • Steinberg Cubase LE included
  • supports Windows XP/Vista and MAC OS
Please note that this item is offered as C-stock and may therefore have significant visual defects. The original packaging may be damaged or missing. The accessories included in the scope of delivery may be equally replaced or incomplete, but this does no
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