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Audient ASP880

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The Audient ASP880 is the perfect addition to your recording environment, taking your sessions to world-class levels. Bypass your current mic preamps and A-D converters to achieve the same recording quality as the world's top studios.Audient's renowned Class-A mixer mic preamp, developed by design legend David Dearden, is used in thousands of professional recording studios worldwide. The ASP880 allows you to capture the detail and energy of your audio sources with a hint of analogue colouration. With the ASP880, you have access to the highest quality converters from Burr Brown, the industry leaders in converter technology. The integral analogue-to-digital converter guarantees the best possible signal conversion. In addition, the ASP880 can be used as a standalone A/D converter in A-D mode.The balanced inserts available for each channel allow you to loop in external devices such as compressors and equalisers to process the audio signal in your DAW before recording.
  • Latest Burr Brown analogue-to-digital converter technology
  • 8 Audient mixer mic preamps
  • Variable input impedance (Lo: 200 Ohm / Med: 1400 Ohm / Hi: 3600 Ohm)
  • variable High Pass Filter (25Hz-250Hz)
  • 8 balanced insert points between mic preamp and A-D converter
  • 2 channels of discrete Class-A JFET D.I. Instrument inputs
  • Digital outputs: ADAT, AES, S/PDIF

ARC Software Package

  • Steinberg Cubase LE + Cubasis LE 2
  • Steinberg Retrologue 2 Synth
  • TwoNotes Wall of Sound
  • Loopmasters Sample Pack
  • Waldorf Edition 2 LE
  • Free courses at Produce Like a Pro Academy
  • G-Force M-Tron Pro LE
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