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Manley Core

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Manley Core is the ideal channel strip for vocals, bass, keys and guitars. Core combines Manley's core competence with new and modern developments. At the beginning of the signal chain is the in-house, hand-wound "MANLEY IRON" input transformer. The subsequent tube amplifier stage is Manley's famous Class A circuit, already familiar from the VOXBOX or the Manley Dual Mono microphone preamps. The triode circuit is the heart of the microphone amplification and runs on a 300V B+ power supply, which ensures huge headroom and absolute output level stability. The instrument input circuitry is based on the discrete solid-state input stage of the Manley SLAM! and, with its 10 mega-ohm input impedance, is the perfect partner for guitars, basses, keyboards, etc. An optical compressor with the same ELOP circuitry used in the VOXBOX. Since the compressor is located BEFORE the gain stage of the preamp (i.e. still at mic level), it is virtually impossible to clip the compressor. With a ratio of 3:1 and freely adjustable attack, release and threshold, as well as the crunch-free bypass switch, a quick adjustment and cross-checking of the compression during the recording session is child's play. The large, illuminated analogue meter in CORE can be switched between "Compressor Gain Reduction", "Micpre Output Level" and "Main Output Level". Nothing replaces this quick visual level control in hectic recording situations.
  • 48V Phantom Power Switch
  • 120Hz High Pass Filter Switch
  • Phase Reverse Switch
  • Input Attenuator (Variable Pad at the beginning of the chain)
  • Mic Pre Gain HI or Low switchable (40dB or 60dB) (Total Gain >70dB)
  • Line Amp Gain switchable (20dB or 40dB)
  • Balanced XLR Mic input
  • Balanced XLR Line input
  • Front 6.3mm jack input forür instrument level, before EQ/limiter section
  • Balanced XLR direct output, after preamp/compressor section
  • Balanced XLR main output
  • Mic / Line preamp
  • 1/4" direct input / instrument input
  • Compressor
  • Equalizer
  • LOW and HIGH shelving filters in Baxandall characteristic (80Hz and 12kHz) with 12dB each.
  • Free tunable MIDRANGE bell filter. Switchable between 100Hz 1kHz or 1kHz 10kHz with 10dB.
  • Limiter
  • An analogue brickwall FET limiter with freely tunable release times and threshold. Peak limit LED display and an output level control with additional 10dB gain
  • meter
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