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Compact Digital Mixer / Recorder
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Bluebox is a portable 12-channel digital audio mixer and recorder with a compact form factor. This means it can fit anywhere and can easily be carried in a backpack to the next gig. The six stereo inputs (3.5mm TRS) can be used to connect Eurorack modules as well as samplers, drum machines and synthesizers. These can be combined into six stereo or up to 12 mono tracks, each with its own controls for recording and playback.

Each track can be independently routed to the three outputs and effect sends, and features volume control, gain, 4-band parametric EQ, pan, mute and solo. In addition, the bluebox features global effects such as a high-quality reverb, delay and compressor.

The individual tracks or the main mix can be recorded directly in the bluebox on commercially available
micro-SD cards. This way, a recorded jam session can be conveniently edited later in a DAW.

The 3.5-inch touchscreen provides accurate visual feedback, and with the four knobs and navigation and transport buttons, the most important functions are at your fingertips. MIDI input and output can be used to synchronize external devices, effects and the metronome.

With compact dimensions of only 14 x 13 x 5 cm, there is always a place for the bluebox, even on the most crowded studio table.

  • Mix 12 mono or six stereo tracks live or with pre-recorded tracks
  • Independent routing of each track to any combination of three stereo outputs:
  • Stereo Out 1 - Main Mix
  • Stereo Out 2 - Assignable, with dedicated sub mix (pre/post fader)
  • Stereo Out 3 - Headphone output, with its own sub mix (pre/post fader)
  • The headphone output can also play out the main mix if required
  • In Mixer mode, parameters for multiple tracks can be controlled simultaneously
  • Track mode shows all parameters for a single track
  • Each output can be independently volume adjusted or muted in Main mode
  • 4-band EQ can be adjusted with the touch display or knobs and supports low cut/low shelf, parametric and high cut/high shelf settings for each band
  • High-quality global reverb and delay effects can be added per track via independent effect sends
  • Integrated global compressor
  • Sync via MIDI in/out
  • WAVs can be recorded for hours at 48k/24bit directly to microSD card, either as multitrack or stereo main mix recording
  • Playback of already recorded tracks while simultaneously recording new tracks
  • Firmware updates via the microSD card
  • Save and load project settings including all track parameters as well as outputs, EQs and effects
  • Can be powered by a USB power bank
  • Included in delivery: bluebox, microSD card with bluebox firmware and pre-installed project files, One USB power cable and one power adapter with 3 international adapters, 2 MIDI adapters - 3.5mm TRS male to 5pin MIDI female, Quick start guide to get started (full manual available online)
  • dimensions: 13,97 x 12,7 x 5,08 cm
  • Weight: 0,45 kg
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