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Digital or analogue?

Every producer or musician has equipment they rely on. First and foremost, it has to fit their own workflow. When choosing the right recording desk, the first question is whether to go analogue or digital. Both variants have their advantages. Digital mixing consoles already have effects and the possibility to save certain settings and recall them at any time. This makes everyday life in the studio much easier. This is not possible with an analogue console, but such consoles are still used, especially by large professional studios. Analogue mic preamps provide a warm and full sound. Producers and engineers often prefer the traditional analogue workspace. It feels familiar and classic. In our shop you will find the best manufacturers in the field of mixers & summers such as Yamaha, Allen & Heath, Midas, Soundcraft, Roland, Alto, Behringer, Presonus, QSC, Mackie, Dynacord, Dangerous Music, Antelope, SSL, SPL, Heritage Audio, API, Tube-Tech, Chandler Limited,  Tegeler Audio Manufaktur and many more.