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Open or closed?

Many musicians and artists regularly work on the road. Whether on the train, on the plane or just outdoors - with a decent pair of headphones and a laptop / Macbook, music can be made almost anywhere. There are also significant differences in headphones. First of all, a distinction is made between closed and open headphones. This has to do with the design of the headphones and influences the sound. Closed headphones are good for travelling because the sound does not penetrate to the outside and ambient noise is muffled. Open headphones, on the other hand, can also be heard from the outside and do not shield the ambient noise. However, they provide a more spatial and natural sound image. You will also find headphone demo stations in our locations where you can test the headphones in parallel. The best manufacturers in this area are Beyerdynamic, Neumann, Audio-Technica, Shure, AKG, Focal, Sennheiser, Sony, AIAIAI and Ultrasone.