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In this category of our shop you will find our extensive range of loudspeakers. Generally speaking, speakers can be divided into active and passive. To operate a passive speaker, you also need an amplifier. An active speaker, on the other hand, already has an integrated power amplifier, which makes an additional amplifier superfluous. Speaker cabinets come in a wide variety of designs. The classic full-range speaker is suitable for uncomplicated sound reinforcement of small events. Subwoofers extend the frequency response of a PA system downwards and relieve the remaining speakers in larger venues. Monitor wedges are specially designed to provide sound reinforcement for musicians on stage, although some full-range speakers can also be used as monitors on the stage floor. Column systems and line arrays are becoming increasingly popular. The linear arrangement of the loudspeaker drivers allows for greater vertical directivity, which results in longer ranges. Large professional line arrays take advantage of this. Small column systems, of course, can only do this to a limited extent, but are characterised by their compactness and quick, easy set-up. We offer loudspeaker systems from leading manufacturers such as RCF, QSC, dB Technologies, Alto, Bose, HK-Audio, LD-Systems, JBL and many others!