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Presonus StudioLive AR16 USB

18-channel mixer
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The Presonus StudioLive AR16 USB is an 18-channel USB hybrid mixer for studio and live applications.
  • 18-channel analogue mixer with USB audio interface, SD card recorder/player, Bluetooth receiver and digital effect
  • 8 mono channels, 4 stereo channels, 1 stereo super channel
  • 18x4 USB 2.0 audio interface (24 bit/96 kHz) for multitrack recording on Mac and PC
  • integrated SD card recorder (stereo) with hardware transport buttons for recording the MAIN signal and playing back backing tracks or break music without a computer
  • SD card recording: WAV (24 bit/44.1 kHz), playback: WAV and MP3
  • also suitable for SDHC cards
  • Bluetooth 4.1 receiver for audio signals from iPhone/smartphone
  • Effects processor (delay/reverb), 16 presets
  • FX jack (6.35 mm) for connecting an optional footswitch (FX on/off)
  • 12 microphone inputs (XLR) with Class A mic preamps, 48 V phantom power globally switchable
  • 16 balanced line inputs (TRS jack), two of them switchable for connecting high-impedance string instruments
  • Super channel 17/18: Cinch input (L/R), 3.5 mm stereo jack, switchable playback from Bluetooth source and SD card resp. USB playback stream (1/2) from computer, input signals are summed
  • Input channels with gain control, switchable high-pass filter, 3-band EQ, two monitor send controls, FX send control, panpot, mute button, 60 mm channel fader and PFL button (solo)
  • Channels 1 to 8 with parametric mid EQ
  • Channels 1 and 2 additionally with insert socket (TRS jack) for looping in external devices
  • Channel 15/16 additionally with USB 3/4 button, to play back the USB playback stream 3/4 from the computer
  • Super channel 17/18 with two monitor send controls, balance control, mute button, 60 mm channel fader and PFL button (solo)
  • Main output L/R (XLR) with LED output indicator (2x 12-segment)
  • Solo bus to control room and headphone output, with solo master volume control
  • Stereo headphone output (6,35 mm jack) with dedicated volume control
  • Balanced control room output L/R (TRS jack) with dedicated volume control
  • Balanced monitor outputs MON1 and MON2 (TRS jack)
  • Balanced FX-output (TRS jack) for external effects unit or third monitor mix (if jack is assigned, internal effects processor is bypassed)
  • FX return channel with two monitor send controls (Mon1 and Mon2), balance control, mute button and 60 mm fader
  • Monitor channels MON1 and MON2, each with AFL button, mute button and master send fader (60 mm)
  • MAIN channel with USB send 1/2 button (for recording the MAIN mix to track 1 and 2 of the DAW or from Capture), mute button and master fader
  • Power supply: internal power supply, power consumption 30 W
  • Studio One Artist (DAW software) and Capture (recording software) included
  • Rugged metal housing
  • Dimensions: 50.7 x 39.0 x 9.5 cm
  • Weight: 6.4 kg
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Presonus StudioLive AR16 USB

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