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Mixing consoles

It's the mix that makes it

Mixing consoles are the centre of any sound system. This is where the signals from all audio sources converge. Whether it's the line signal of a keyboard, the instrument signal of a guitar or the microphones on a drum kit, the mixer sums up all these signals and sends them to the amplifier of your PA system, for example. To ensure that your mix is transparent and that the different musical instruments don't get in each other's way, mixers have many options for sound processing. In addition to an equaliser, there is sometimes also a compressor or an effects unit, for example with reverb and delay. Digital mixers have particularly extensive effects sections and also allow complicated routing with many channels. In the meantime, many mixing consoles score points with integrated USB interfaces that can be used to record the stereo sum or even each individual channel using a computer. In our online shop, we offer mixing consoles from various manufacturers, for example Mackie, Alto, Behringer, Midas, Soundcraft, Allen & Heath, Alesis, Yamaha, Presonus and others.