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In-Ear Monitoring

This goes in the ear

With in-ear monitoring, a whole series of typical technical problems on stage vanish into thin air. First of all, the ugly and clunky monitor boxes disappear from the stage floor. This eliminates one or two tripping hazards and it also looks nicer. Much more important, of course, is the sound. Monitoring via in-ear headphones effectively prevents feedback. Anyone who has ever stood at a beeping monitor and still couldn't hear themselves will appreciate this. In addition, the sound level on stage is lowered so that the stage sound does not compete so strongly with the sound of the audience. This makes the sound engineer's job much easier when mixing! You perform particularly comfortably with wireless in-ear headphones. The great freedom of movement means that you can concentrate fully on your performance! Take a look around our shop and discover in-ear products from manufacturers such as Sennheiser, Shure, InEar, Mackie and LD-Systems.