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Palmer ilm

Passive Speaker Simulation DI Box

You've found your sound, but it comes across differently on every stage?

The Palmer ilm Speaker Simulation DI box eliminates all the imponderables of amp miking, such as microphone selection, acoustic environment and positioning. With a sophisticated filter circuit that simulates the sound behavior of a speaker, it captures your sound authentically, without a mic. Your direct signal always sounds the same, whether at home, in the (home) studio, in the rehearsal room or on stage, regardless of size.

The Palmer ilm offers three sound presets that reproduce typical guitar cabinet models. We leave flowery names to others; with the Palmer ilm they are simply called "normal", "mellow" and "bright". So everyone knows what is meant!

The Palmer ilm is usually looped in between the amp output and the loudspeaker, but it can also be operated at the line out of the amplifier. For level adjustment, the ilm has a pad switch with three positions 0, -15 and -30 dB.

The ilm is balanced by a transformer to prevent noise when connected to a mixing console or audio interface. Ground loops can be eliminated via the ground lift switch. You can always rely on the Palmer ilm - and concentrate on what really counts: Your music and your instrument.

  • Speaker simulation for authentic guitar sound without a mic
  • Three sound presets: normal, mellow, bright
  • Can be used as a DI box when speaker simulation is bypassed
  • Balanced XLR output
  • Operation between amplifier output and speaker or at line out
  • Switchable pre-attenuation for adaptation to amp level
  • No hum: galvanic isolation through transformer
  • Ground lift switch
  • Simple and fail-safe: no power supply required
  • Road-ready aluminum and steel enclosure
  • Incl. a rewritable tour label to attach to the back of the ilm
  • Engineered in Germany
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