Lighting Sets

Complete lighting sets!

Lighting sets consist of several pig lights or effect lights. Usually, a lighting set includes a suitable stand or also a suitable lighting control (foot switch, desk etc..).

Lighting Sets
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Lighting sets

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For all those looking for a simple all-in-one solution, we have lighting systems here with which you can illuminate your stage with little effort. Whether you have a gig with your band, are a DJ and want to turn your garage into a club or want to liven up a party with colourful lights - we have something for you! Thanks to modern LED spotlights, heat generation and power consumption are comparatively low. Many sets are simply controlled by foot switch or remote control, others can be controlled by DMX. Transport bags are often included. In our shop you will find light sets for every occasion. We carry brands such as Cameo, Eurolite and of course our own brand JustIn!