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Lighting controls

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Every light show needs to be controlled somehow. The general standard for this is called DMX and this is the digital language that almost all fixtures understand. They are connected via DMX cables to a lighting console, which then outputs the digital DMX signals to control the entire lighting system. Such lighting control consoles are available in various designs and sizes, depending on the size and complexity of the lighting installation. Today, computers are often used for control. In this case, only a DMX interface is needed to connect the computer to the system. Floodlights that do not have a built-in DMX controller are controlled via dimmers, switches or relays, which in turn can be operated via DMX. In this category, you will also find useful accessories such as foot switches or wireless DMX radio links. Well-known manufacturers in this area are, for example: Cameo, ChamSys, American DJ, Chauvet DJ, DasLight, Enttec, Eurolite, GLP Products, JustIn, Madrix, LSC, Martin, Nowsonic, Showtec, Sunlite or Soundswitch.