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Waldorf Quantum MK2

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Quantum combines the pure power of analogue and digital hybrid synthesizers with futuristic sounds that are nowadays only possible with modern software synths. At the same time, the synthesiser combines a complex sound generation with a very easy to understand operation.
With the new Fatar keyboard with 61 keys and polyphonic aftertouch, increased sampling memory of 59 GB and an improved design and display, the Quantum MK2 enters the next level. The new 3.0 firmware allows up to 16 digital filters or any combination with 8 analogue filters and an additional 8 digital filters.

  • Hybrid digital/analogue polyphonic synthesizer
  • High-quality Fatar TP/8SK keyboard with 61 semi-weighted keys and polyphonic aftertouch
  • 8 analogue or up to 16 digital voices
  • Dual timbral: split or layered mode with separate stereo outputs
  • 3 stereo digital oscillators with five synthesis shapes each
  • Wavetable: Waldorf style with the latest Nave technology incl. speech synthesis and generation of wavetables from external audio sources
  • Waveform: Waveform with up to 8 simultaneous waveforms per oscillator in detuned or chordal mode with hard sync, warp, PWM and tunable noise
  • Particle: Granular sampler with multi-sampling and traditional sampling mode
  • Resonator: Exciter with multi-sampling and filterbank modelling
  • New kernel synthesis with up to six kernel operators per oscillator for phase FM, true FM and wavetable position modulation
  • Two analogue low-pass filters per voice -both 24 or 12 dB switchable with innovative link mode, or alternatively 2 digital multimode filters
  • Digital shaper: additional digital algorithms per voice such as comb filter, high, low & band pass as well as notch filter (Nave, Largo or PPG models), bit crusher, drive and more
  • Flexible routing system for the arrangement of filters, digital formers and oscillator routings
  • 6 LFOs in poly and global mode with extensive setting options
  • 6 loopable envelopes
  • Complex: Multistage LFO/Envelope modulator
  • Extensive modulation matrix with up to 40 entries and easy controller assignment
  • Intuitive modulation assignment via controls and control LEDs
  • Master effects with 5 slots each for both timbres with effects like phaser, flanger, chorus, reverb, drive, EQ and more
  • Compressor for the main output
  • Arpeggiator -7 different algorithms, various rhythmic patterns.
  • Step sequencer with step recorder, transpose function, parameter automation and scale-based pitch quantisation
  • Microtonal configurable with the possibility to import scale scl files
  • Polyphonic aftertouch -send and receive
  • MPE capable -with external control via USB and DIN MIDI
  • Chord and hold functions, unison mode
  • Module-based preset system for effects, oscillators, step sequencer and complex modulator
  • Numerous potentiometers and encoders for intuitive sound editing
  • Visual sound editing via the high-resolution multitouch display
  • Spectrum analyser and oscilloscope switchable in different areas of the signal flow
  • Up to 10000 sound programmes that can be filtered by banks, attributes, sound designer and patch number
  • Favourites list for quick access to frequently used sounds, such as for a set list
  • More than 1000 factory presets from well-known sound designers
  • MIDI outputs for keyboard and panel controls (assignable as MIDI CC)
  • Automation of sound parameters via MIDI inputs using MIDI CC learn function
  • Recording of samples via the audio inputs or the Quantum audio output
  • 4GB internal flash memory for presets and wavetables, 59GB for samples
  • Integrated audio editor
  • Export and import of presets, samples and wavetables via SD card or USB drive
  • Import of Nave presets and selected legacy FM as Sysex file
  • 2 x stereo audio outputs for both timbres can be used separately
  • Stereo audio input for sample recording and real-time processing with effects
  • High-quality 24bit A/D and D/A converters
  • Headphone output with own volume control
  • Connection for sustain pedal
  • Control pedal jack that can also be used as CV input (0-5V sensitivity)
  • USB host port type A e.g. for MIDI controller or USB drive for loading and saving samples, presets and for software updates
  • USB device type B port for connection to a computer or other MIDI USB hosts such as iOS devices
  • SD Card for sample/preset exchange and software updates
  • DIN MIDI In, Out and Thru
  • Built-in power supply
  • Dimensions: 1006 x 401 x 131 mm
  • Weight: 17.8 kg
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