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IK-Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Desktop

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Developed in collaboration with Italian boutique synthesizer manufacturer Soundmachines, the UNO Synth Pro expands on the popular UNO Synth mini synthesizer in almost every way: more oscillators, more filters, more sequencer memory, more effects, more presets, more connections, and more programmability.

Three analog oscillators offer continuously variable waveforms, including pulse width modulation. The oscillators can be "hard-synced" for more harmonically complex sounds, and the FM oscillator lets you create the full range from bell-like sounds to screaming industrial sounds. UNO Synth Pro even includes ring modulation for wobbly sci-fi sounds and a white noise generator that makes a wide range of percussive sounds and epic climaxes possible.

In addition to the original UNO Synth's 2-pole OTA multimode filter, the UNO Synth Pro features a new 2/4-pole LP filter with self-oscillation. The two filters can be used in series or in parallel, with invertible phase, for a total of 24 possible filter modes. This unique design offers almost unlimited sonic possibilities, from recreating classic vintage sounds to forging entirely new, experimental sounds.

UNO Synth Pro features two full ADSR envelopes, one assigned to the filter and the other to amplitude. Both are available as sources to modulate everything from oscillator pitch and waveform to LFO speed or even other envelope stages. Two LFOs can produce classic synth vibrato, wah and tremolo, as well as handle more complex modulations including a tone generator.

A 16-slot modulation matrix makes routing all these functions a breeze. Users can quickly and easily design even the most sophisticated modulation scheme, using both internal and external sources, including MIDI controllers.

UNO Synth Pro features 256 editable presets, each representing the complete state of the sound engine from oscillators to effects. The built-in 64-step sequencer offers both step and real-time recording and automation of over 80 parameters, allowing you to create incredibly complex and evolving soundscapes and even write CV and gate automation.

  • Ultraportable paraphone analog synthesizer
  • 32 capacitive touch keys
  • Pitch and mod strip
  • Three discrete oscillators incl. PWM, sync, FM and ring modulation
  • Two-stage variable filter with 24 modes, incl. original UNO Synth OTA filter
  • New SSI-based filter with self-oscillation
  • 16-slot modulation matrix
  • 256 user-editable presets
  • 13 editable scales
  • 12 studio-quality effects in 3 slots (reverbs, delays, modulations)
  • 64-step sequencer with 84 parameters
  • Arpeggiator with 10 modes
  • Complete MIDI implementation of all parameters as well as the clock
  • Noise-free, balanced stereo output (2 x 6.3mm jack)
  • USB/MIDI/CV/Gate input/output
  • Audio input for filters, FX or pass-through
  • Power supply via external power supply (included)
  • Stage-ready, sturdy metal chassis
  • Micro USB to USB cable included
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 250 x 140 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 700 g
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AUX IN - Jack 3.5mm



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