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Doepfer Dark Time blue

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Dark Time is a 2 x 8-stage analogue sequencer with CV/gate, USB and midi interface. It is primarily intended as a supplement to Dark Energy, but can also be combined with other devices.
  • 2 rows with 8 potentiometers each
  • for each step: 1 rotary control, 1 LED, switch On/Off/Skip, switch Stop/Continue/Jump
  • different operating modes:
  • 1x16 (the two rows run consecutively)
  • 2x8 (both rows run in parallel)
  • 1-8 Combi (knobs lower row set individual gate lengths of the upper row)
  • different running directions: forward, backward, random
  • CV scaling 1V/octave (note: not suitable for units with Hz/V scaling !)
  • three voltage/tone ranges switchable: 1V, 2V, 5V (corresponding to 1/2/5 octaves)
  • Gate voltage 0/+5V (for devices with S-Trigger or Korg MS-10/MS-20 see notes below)
  • Quantisation on/off/Custom (optional customer definable selection of tö(optional customer-definable selection of keys, not yet available in the first version of the firmware)
  • When quantisation is switched off, the resolution is 10 bits (i.e. 1024 steps üs).When quantisation is switched on, the resolution of the rotary range is 13/25/61 steps at 1/2/5 octaves
  • Transposition of each row via toggle switches, Midi/UBS and/or ext. CV-In
  • Control optional:
  • internal üvia built-in clock oscillator with frequency and pulse width control
  • external üvia Midi/USB
  • external (üvia Analog Clock/Start/Stop)
  • selecting one of the 3 modes üvia a toggle switch with 3 positions
  • analog interface forür CV/Gate/Clock/Reset/Start-Stop In and Out (3.5 mm jack sockets)
  • Midi interface (In and Out)
  • USB interface
  • optically adapted to Dark Energy (same knobs, same height and depth, same wooden side panels etc.)
  • Functional design for the Dark Energy.)
  • Firmware updates can be carried out by the user via USB. The device does not have to be sent to support!
  • Power supply via plug-in transformer 12V AC/min. 400mA
  • Power supply via USB is not possible, as the analogue circuits of the device work with +/-12V.
  • Dimensions: approx. 248 x 145 x 75 mm
  • Weight (without power supply): approx. 1.5 kg
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Doepfer Dark Time blue

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