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The new Prophet-10 is Dave Smith's timely return to the analog poly synthesizer that changed the world. It is "the best of all the Prophet-5s," as Dave puts it, because it combines all three revisions of the legendary synthesizer - Rev1, Rev2 and Rev3 with each other. By using real analog Curtis VCOs and filters (as in Rev3) embodied as new 2140 low-pass filters designed by Dave Rossum, like the 2040 filters he designed in the original Rev1 and Rev2. A Rev switch lets you choose between the two filter designs. The result is such a pure renewal of an analog classic, with the authentic, muscular sound of the original. A modern instrument at the cutting edge of technology.
  • Oscillators:
  • Two authentic CEM 3340 VCOs per voice.
  • Simultaneously selectable waveforms. Oscillator A: sawtooth, pulse. Oscillator B: sawtooth, triangle, pulse.
  • Pulse width per oscillator
  • Hard Sync: Oscillator 1 is synchronized with oscillator 2.
  • Low frequency mode (oscillator 2)
  • Keyboard tracking on / off (oscillator 2)
  • Mixer:
  • Oscillator 1
  • Oscillator 2
  • White noise
  • Low-pass filter:
  • Four-pole, resonant low-pass filter per voice
  • Switchable between authentic versions of the Prophet-5 Rev1 / 2 filter and the Prophet-5 Rev3 filter
  • The Rev1 / 2 filter is a Dave Rossum-designed 2140, the modern counterpart to the original 2040 filter of the Prophet-5 Rev1 and Rev2
  • The Rev3 filter is a CEM 3320 designed by Doug Curtis
  • The filter can be set to self-oscillate with the resonance control
  • Keyboard tracking: Off, half, full
  • Filter Envelope:
  • Four stage (ADSR) envelope generator.
  • Speed modulation of the envelope amount
  • Amplifier Envelope:
  • Four-stage (ADSR) envelope generator
  • Speed modulation of the envelope amount
  • Low Frequency Oscillators:
  • Three waveforms: Sawtooth, Triangle, Square. All waveforms can be activated simultaneously
  • Both the initial amount and the mod wheel control
  • Mod targets: Frequency of oscillator A, frequency of oscillator B, pulse width of oscillator A and B,
  • Filter cutoff
  • Poly Mode:
  • Sources: Filter envelope and oscillator B.
  • Targets: Oscillator A frequency, Oscillator A pulse width, filter cutoff.
  • Vintage Knob:
  • Restores the characteristics of various Prophet 5 models by varying the behavior of oscillators, envelopes, amplifiers, and other parameters. Go from a very stable "4" - as in Prophet-5 Rev4 (the new version) - to "1", as in Prophet-5 Rev1, the rarest and most temperamental of all Prophet-5s
  • Aftertouch:
  • Channel (mono) aftertouch
  • Targets: Filter cutoff frequency, LFO amount
  • Patch memory:
  • 200 user and 200 factory programs in 5 banks of 40 programs each.
  • Direct program access, including Prophet 5-style one-button access to the current set of 8 programs
  • Connectors:
  • Mono output (1 x 6.3mm jack)
  • Headphone output (stereo, 6.3mm jack)
  • MIDI In, Out and Thru ports
  • USB for bidirectional MIDI communication
  • Control voltage input / output (1 x 6.3mm jack) 0- + 5V input / output signal. Configured to operate at 1 volt per octave.
  • Gate In / Out (1 x 6.3mm jack). Accepts a 1.5 / 15 volt on / off signal to control the envelopes of a single voice of the Prophet-5. Outputs a 15 volt on / off to control the envelopes of an external synthesizer.
  • Low-pass filter cutoff expression pedal input.
  • Volume control pedal input
  • Sustain footswitch input
  • Dimensions: 52.7 cm x 18.8 cm x 7.62 cm
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