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Yamaha B1 SC2 SNC

109 cm Silent Piano
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Yamaha introduced the first SILENT piano in 1993, and has continued to improve the muting functionality of SILENT piano technology ever since. A Yamaha SILENT piano offers the unique experience of an acoustic piano performance even when played through headphones.

In addition to powerful muting functionality, the SC2 system features 10 built-in sounds and a built-in metronome, among other features. The B1 SC2 is a prime example of Yamaha's proven design philosophy. Although it is less expensive than other models on the market, it meets Yamaha's high standards in all respects and offers the playing pleasure of a full Yamaha piano.

Yamaha 5-Year Warranty
Yamaha is offering all new customers of the piano series (SH, SH2, SG2, SC2, TA, TA2, ENSPIRE and ENSPIRE PRO) a warranty extension from two years to five years in the period from 01.04.2020 to 31.03.2021. All information on the extension and registration can be found at

  • 88 buttons
  • Sensor system: Continuous sensing non-contact optical sensors
  • Pedal sensors: Thump pedal: Continuous sensing sensor, Quiet/shift pedal: On/Off detection
  • Sensor
  • Mute system: Hammershaft stopper, operated with centre pedal
  • Sounds: Piano sound: Yamaha CFX, Bösendorfer Imperial
  • Binaural sampling: Yes (sound of CFX flügel)
  • Piano effects: VRM, Key-off Samples, Smooth Release
  • Polyphony (max.): 256
  • Number of tones: 10
  • Available tones: CFX Flügel, Bösendorfer Imperial, Piano, Stage E-Piano, E-Piano DX, E-Piano Vintage, Harpsichord 8', Celesta,
  • Organ Principal, Organ Jazz
  • Reverb: Performance Hall, Concert Hall, Chamber, Cathedral, Club
  • Stereophonic Optimisation: Yes (pianos except CFX grand)
  • Demo Songs: 10 sound demo songs, 50 classics
  • MIDI Recording/Playback: Yes (Number of songs: 1)
  • USB Audio Recorder: Yes
  • Metronome: Yes
  • Tuning: 414.8 - 440.0 - 466.8 Hz (approximately 0.2 Hz steps)
  • Connections: DC IN, Headphone 2x, Audio Aux IN, USB to Device, USB to Host
  • Power consumption: 11 W with PA-300C AC adaptor
  • Automatic power off: Yes
  • Accessories: AC adaptor, power cable, headphones, headphone holder, mounting screws for headphone holder, user manual
  • Colour: satin cherry
  • Dimensions: 149 x 109 x 54 cm
  • Weight: 197 kg
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Yamaha B1 SC2 SNC

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