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Soundmachines NS1 nanosynth

Analog Modular Synthesizer
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Here Soundmachines has thought of a simple and cheap platform that packs the main features of a modular analogue synthesizer, in a small and friendly format that is recognised by musicians, manufacturers and tüftlers worldwide. A small faithful instrument of sound production, with a digital platform as a bonus.

The entire platform, which is a full, albeit simple, analogue modular synthesizer, has the same height and is slightly wider than a standard 5U synthesizer module. On board the NS1nanosynth is a thermally stabilised core V/octave, a 12dB lowpass and band VCF, two LFOs, a repeatable ADSR envelope, a standard VCA, two rotary attenuators, two pot controllers and a multitude (more than a dozen !) of "micro" modules such as mixers, multiples, sample & hold, sum / sub-blanks, inverters, logic and or analogue dividers, clock dividers, fixed voltage generators and several " sensor blanks ".
  • Arduino Leonardo platform
  • Power supply: 5V / 160mA, via USB or 5.5mm power connector
  • Voltages: +12 / -12
  • Dimensions: 220 x 85 mm
Technical data


incl. Power Supply / busboard(s)


Logic / Adder / Combiner
Divider / Multiplier
MIDI/USB to CV / Gate / Clock
Analog VCO
Envelope / Function Generator
Mixing Desks
Sample & Hold / Shift Register


0 TE
5 U module HE



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Soundmachines NS1 nanosynth

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