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STUDIO ELECTRONICS Boomstar Modular Mix4

4 in/1 Out Audio/CV Mixer
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The attenuators reduce the level, audio or CV, when the switch is in the off position. When the switch is open, the audio/signal is passed through at full level. The inputs are linked to each other: When plugged into channel 1, both attenuators are driven, when plugged into channel 2, the link is broken. Experimenting with key tracking to create alternative tunings, or interacting with audio inputs that do not allow attenuation, yields good results. The two lag circuits are a handy CV multi-hub for oscillator and filter tracking (perfect for CV-connecting our OSCILLATION module with its switchable one-in/three-out structure for attenuation and slewing) and are linked together: If you plug in channel 1 only, the outputs of both channels are driven (just like the attenuation circuit); if you plug in channel 2, the link is broken and they become two separate CV multi-lag circuits. All in all, a versatile module that looks good in any setup.


  • Features
  • ATTENUATE - level reduction.
  • IN - attenuation input.
  • OUT - Attenuation output.
  • OFF - Bypass is in the up position.
  • Tracking
  • LAG TIME - Exponential variation amount - also called "glide".
  • IN - Lag input.
  • OFF - lag bypass.
  • OUT A - Lag output A.
  • OUT B - Lag output B.
  • OUT C - lag output C.
  • Technical data
  • Size: 10hp
  • Depth: 25mm with ribbon cable connected
  • Current consumption: 7mA, 8mA (+12 / -12)


Technical data


8 mA


10 TE
25 mm
3 U module HE


Sound Editing



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STUDIO ELECTRONICS Boomstar Modular Mix4

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