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MFB Modul Digital Delay

Digital Delay Module
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The Digital Delay Module is a CV controllable digital echo with delay times of approx. 2 ms to 4 seconds. The circuit originates from the MEGAZWERG and has been improved in a few points.

The audio signal is connected to the "In" socket and is again connected to "the" Out socket, depending on the mix control (original on the left, delay on the right). With the control "In" the signal can be limited. The LED indicates an "overdrive. The delay time is set with the Time knob and can be modulated with the CV Time input. With the "Freeze" switch or with a positive voltage at the "Freeze In" the input signal can be frozen. When the "Time" control is set to max, the input voltage at CV Time corresponds to approx. 1 V/oct and the range covers 4 octaves. With the "Range" slider the delay can be changed roughly in time steps. The Feedback control adjusts the amount of signal feedback.

&Uml;The FB Send and FB Return sockets allow the feedback signal to be tapped separately, routed to another module or an external effect device and fed back into the delay. The module is compatible with the Doepfer A-100 modular system in terms of design and bus power supply.
  • Width: 8 TE (40 mm)
  • CV controllable digital delay with times from 2ms to 4000ms.
  • Freeze function
  • Insert path to integrate other effects or filters
  • Feedback to infinite
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Delay / Echo / Hall


Sound Editing

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MFB Modul Digital Delay

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