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Erica Synths

Erica Synths Black VC EG Expander

Black VC EG Expander
The Erica Black VC EG Expander takes the Black VC EG to the next level - it outputs gates or CVs for each active stage of the envelope, so you can design truly advanced patches. In addition, inverted and bipolar envelope outputs are available.

Caution! This is an expansion module that can only be connected to the Black VC EG. It does not function as a stand-alone Eurorack module.
  • 4 simultaneous logic or CV outputs for each Hüll curve stage
  • Bipolar Hüll curve output (-5V - + 5V)
  • Inverted Hüll curve output
  • Double Hüll curve output
  • Width: 5 TE
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