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Doepfer A-199

Spring reverb
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A-199 is a spring reverb module that electronically replicates the Hall effect using spiral springs.
  • Spring reverb systems have a characteristic sound behaviour that is based on the (impermissible) mechanical properties of the springs used - such as signal distortion, inherent resonances, restricted frequency range, acoustic resonance behaviour, sensitivity to mechanical influences, such as shocks, etc.
  • But it is precisely these properties that make the spring reverb system so distinctive.
  • But it is precisely these characteristics that make the spring reverb sound so distinctive.
  • In the A-199, a spring system with 3 separate springs is used, making the reverb very "dense" due to the different characteristics of the springs.
  • The A-199 module also has some special features that are not found in many other spring reverb systems:
  • The first special feature of the A-199 is that the reverb signal can be fed back to the input, whereby the feedback can lead to the system's own resonance.
  • The Rückkopplung can be done within the module with the feedback controller, but the rückkoppelte signal can also über external modules (eg. VCA, filter, phaser, frequency shifter, vocoder, distortion/waveshaper, ring modulator etc.).
  • In this case, the pure reverb signal (Reverb Out) is routed through the external module(s) and fed back to the ext. This socket is designed as a switching socket, i.e. the internal feedback line is disconnected as soon as a plug is inserted into this socket.
  • Another special feature of the module is an emphasis controller with which medium frequency ranges (centre frequency approx. 2kHz) can be raised additionally.
  • With a mix control, the ratio between original and reverb signal at the mix output can be adjusted continuously.
  • Using all these possibilities, very extreme and unusual reverb effects can be achieved with the A-199.
  • Inputs: Audio In, ext. Feedback In (switch jack)
  • Outputs: Reverb Out (pure reverb signal), Mix Out
  • Controls: Level (input level), Feedback, Emphasis, Mix
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Doepfer A-199

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